Designing Adaptive Workspaces

The Cliché of IT’s Strategic Imperative

The Right Information: Or Just Everything?

The Right Time: When to Bother Me?

The Right Person: Which One of These Is You?

The Right Place: Catch Me If You Can

The Right Form

You Can’t Get …

So What Do We Mean by Adaptive?

Evolution of Business Interfaces

IBM’s w3: The Ultimate Personalization

Intelligent Content Services

The Fundamentals: Picking Up the Clues

Case 1: Ford Motor — The Problem

Case 1: The New Ford Learning Network

Case 1: Adaptive E-Learning Portal

Picking Up Clues With Autonomy

Case 2: Lotus QuickPlace and AskMe Enterprise

Case 2: A Closer Look at AskMe Integration

Adaptive IM: Microsoft Office 2003

Smart Tags: Name Extraction


The Enfish Architecture

Adaptive Instant Messaging: Natural Messaging

A New Relationship Between People and Computers

Open Issues

Vendor Convergence on Adaptive Workspaces

Determining Reputation

The Mob

Geospatial Graffiti

From Smart Mobs to the Enterprise

The Economics of Accidents