Wavelet Technology Offering Optimum $/bits/Hertz Mark Laubach Chief Technology Officer mark@rainmakertechnologies.com 19 March 2002 Internet Developer Group

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Wavelet Modulation Ground Rules

Wavelet Mathematics

Wavelet Modulation

Wavelet Modulation Multiple Bands

Wavelet Modulation

A Guide for Non-Mathematicians

Data Streams & Modulation

Impulse Signaling

Time-Limited Impulses

Multi-Band Impulses


SpreadTimetm Modulation

SpreadTimeTM Broadband Modulation

Wavelet Modulation

Wavelet Modulation

Rainmaker Technology

Our first product swells cable operator profits for new and existing digital services by uniquely expanding digital capacity in a financially secure, step-wise, incremental approach.

RM Economic Impact

Cable Technical Requirements

Rainmaker Provides Silicon Solutions

Cable Operator Competition

Cable Market Technology Needs

Incremental Equipment Deployment

Converged Head End

Incremental RF Spectrum Deployment

Spectrum Deployment

Future Mini-Fiber Node Deployment

Rainmaker’s Technology Other Opportunity Areas - Same Wavelet Engine

Last Mile Twisted Pair Rainmaker Value

Last Mile Twisted Pair Wavelet Benefits


Wireless Home Networking What’s Wrong with Current Approaches?

Rainmaker’s Home Digital Backbone Wireless Home Infrastructure

Technology Roadmap

System Roadmap Example

The Home Digital Backbone Opportunity

The Home Digital Backbone Why Focus on MPEG?