ZF Linux Devices MachZ

Internet = Different Rules

Why a System-on-a-Chip?

Feature Set

Where does MachZ fit?

Where does MachZ fit?

MachZ Block Diagram

Windows Error Not Acceptable

MachZ Advantages

MachZ Propriatary Features

Z-tag Dongle

Z-tag Manager

Z-tag Interface

FailSafe ROM

FailSafe ROM (con't)

FailSafe ROM (con't)

MachZ Features

Manufacturing and Upgrade Tool

FailSafe: Debug Tool

FailSafe Recovery System

Watch Dog Summary

Recovery Scenario

Recovery Scenario (continued)

The FailSafe MachZ PC-on-a-Chip gives you the lowest cost system possible . . . even if other x86 compatible processors are FREE!


Internet Appliance Based on MachZ

Internet Appliance Based on MachZ (con't)

A "System" is H/W & S/W