Internet Appliance Solutions


IA Applications

IA Applications

IA Market Characteristics

Bundled Broadband Services

IA Manufacturers' New Challenge

IAs are not PCs — Hardware

IAs are not PCs — OS/Software

IAs are not PCs — Mobility

IAs are not PCs — Storage/Display

IAs are not PCs — Cost Structure

IAs are not PCs

How CPU manufacturers can help IA manufacturers The CPU/chipset manufacturers’ role

CPU/Chipset Manufacturers’ Role

Produce high-integration, low-cost, low-power, high-performance CPUs/chipsets

NEC’s VR Series™ MIPS® RISC Microprocessor Roadmap

VR Series processors are designed into many leading portable products

Handheld PCs using VR41xx

Palm-Size PCs using VR41XX

Windows CE Embedded using VR Series Processors

VR4121-131/168 Features

VR4121 Block Diagram

VR4122TM Features

VR4122 Block Diagram

VRC4173TM Features

VR4173 Block Diagram

Develop reference platform to target different applications with complete software package

Reference Design — A Production Ready Prototype

Offer complete system designs to reduce time to market

Harrier Main Board Features

Debugging and production tool

Harrier Debug Board: Features for Debugging and Production Test

Support many accessories for different market

Harrier Accessories

Harrier Block Diagram

Software porting

NEC’s OS Choices

Linux on NEC Processors


Harrier’s Expandability for New Applications

Finished mechanical designs to prove product concept

Harrier Mechanical Design: Internet Appliance

Harrier Mechanical Design: Internet Appliance

Harrier Mechanical Configuration: Harrier + PCI Telephony Card

Harrier Mechanical Configuration

Harrier Mechanical Design: Web Phone

Another Example: VR4181 Osprey Board

Another Example: VR4181 Osprey Board