Internet Developer / Technology Meeting 5/19/98

Internet Developers / Technology Group

Dave Rand, CTO, AboveNet

TOPIC: Internet Show Stoppers!

These are the topical notes from the meeting:

IssuesPoints brought out in the discussion

1.Managing Bandwidth Growth
  • OC3 grows to OC12 Grows to OC48 in a year
  • One national network is not sufficient for all connections
  • OC3 connections run out of gas this fall
  • DSL Ciruits to subscribers outstrips OC48 capability FAST!
  • Present growth is 25% per month
  • 2.Allow more localization of traffic
  • CIDR addressing limits regionalization
  • 3.SPAM
  • Realtime Black Hole (Paul Vixie, Dave Rand and two others manage this.)
  • RBL about 400 entries as of now
  • 4.Mixing of Internal and Internet Addresses
    5.Router Limits
  • Currently 20K packets/second - not fast enough for end of 1998
  • 6.Smurf Attacks - Forged request to broadcast addresses
  • Karl Denniger posts list of sites that have facilitated Smurfs
  • backbone routers and NOC's can not address in Real Time
  • Solution is to filter IP at the first IP location (dial port)
  • RBL concerned with SPAM not Smurf attacks
  • 7.Net Stability
  • Roughly 1 billion routing updates in a 24 hour period
  • Class C addresses where most updates occures
  • 8.IP Addresses
  • Only used 30% of IPV4 addresses
  • CIDR removes regionalization

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    Prepared on 6/8/98