Why Terabit Routing Is Necessary
by Vadim Antonov

It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words. The following diagram shows some historical data points and projections on the growth of Internet backbone line speed and the growth of the conventional router port speeds:

It is easy to see that Internet backbones grow much faster than the conventional routing technology does. In fact, today's demand for backbone speed is close to what conventional router technology can deliver.

The reason for that is that progress of conventional routing technology depends heavily on progress in the speed and capacity of semiconductors, which on average follows Moore's Law, i.e. doubling every two years. At the same time, Internet traffic is doubling every 6-9 months.

Our projection shows that the Internet will reach the terabit-per-second threshold in 2004-2005, and Internet Service Providers should be prepared to run networks at that speed. However, the conventional routing technology is simply unable to keep up.

Pluris Inc's routing technology will amplify the power of conventional technology by as much as 4 orders of magnitude (10,000 times) by making large numbers of routing engines work in parallel. If exponential growth in Internet demand continues, this technology is sufficient to keep the Internet running for another 10 years. If the growth slows down, our technology may prove to be the ultimate solution. In any case, the rumors of the Internet's demise are premature.